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Safety is the most important aspect of our activities. To ensure safety we all need to think actively about safety at all times. You be given a copy of the clubs 'Safety Manual' and are asked to familiarise yourself with it. Because it is all too easy for a person to fire a firearm accidentally or in the wrong direction it is of paramount importance that everyone taking part in this sport keeps the need to act safely in the forefront of their minds. Safety must become a natural habit.

In all shooting, safety is of prime importance, but in pistol shooting (which now means Black Powder handguns and Air Pistols) even greater care has to be taken as it is easier for a person with a short barrelled firearm to turn with the firearm so that it might be fired other than at the target.

Proving means examining a firearm to ensure it is unloaded, not only to your satisfaction, but also to that of the Range Officer and other people.

Club Rules

  • Until you have been signed off by a Club Instructor to shoot unattended you must be supervised by a Club member. You may not carry any firearms and ammunition to and from the range.

  • You may only handle a Club firearm on the range (firing point) itself or in the gun room under the control of either the Range Officer and/or Supervisor.

  • Always prove (show it's clear) the firearm to the Duty Officer when you return to the Office.

  • Ammunition purchased at the Club may not legally be taken off the premises unless it is entered on a firearms certificate. Ask the Duty Officer to store it for you.

  • The Range Officers and Supervisors are there for your safety. Listen carefully to what they say and follow their instructions at all times.

  • You will receive safety instructions in the handling and use of Club firearms.

  • If in doubt about anything at all – please ask.

  • The wearing of ear protectors and safety glasses are mandatory on the range.

  • Finally, you must familiarise yourself with all Club’s Rules and Regulations which are displayed at the club.


Safety in the Clubhouse (or off the range)

  • Always prove a firearm whenever it is handed from one person to another.

  • Always prove a firearm when taking it from its box, case or locker.

  • Always carry firearms with the action open.

  • Keep firearms and ammunition separately.

  • Never handle any firearm without the permission of its owner, and only then when the range is clear.

  • When dry-firing an unloaded firearm, always point it at something safe.

  • Never load a firearm or a magazine except on the range at the firing point, after the command to load has been given by the Range Officer.

  • Never point a firearm at anyone, even in fun!

  • Only point it in the direction in which it is meant to shoot, i.e. at the target.


Safety on the Range

  • Always listen to the instructions of the Range Officer.

  • Do not handle firearms while people are forward of the firing point.

  • Do not load firearm until told to do so by the Range Officer.

  • Unload immediately when told to do so.

  • When the firearm is loaded keep it pointing down the range.

  • After firing prove the firearm and ensure magazines are empty.

  • If you have to leave the firing point, or there is a disturbance, UNLOAD.

  • If someone has to go forward of the firing point after the command load UNLOAD, put firearm down, and stand back from the firing point.

  • Safety is only achieved by constant vigilance.

Day to day management is governed by club rules, we work closely with the relevant police forces. Our memorandum and bylaws are available to all members.

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