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In 1906, when the club was founded, Prone Rifle Shooting was the prime activity in the club. Small Bore Rifle shooting had been introduced to improve the general standard of Marksmanship amongst the UK population following the embarrassment of the Boer War.

The Prone Rifle section meets on a Saturday afternoons.

We compete in various summer and winter National and County level competitions that require targets to be shot and witnessed on or before specified dates. There are also internal club competitions and these are handicapped so as to give all members a chance of winning.

It should be noted that there are competitions involving smallbore rifles at both the summer and winter Olympics, which probably makes it unique.

We are always looking for further shooters to join us in our goal to score the perfect 100.

What does it take?

To be successful, the most important attributes are the ability to relax and have patience. You will not succeed if you are stressed and flustered and it is unlikely to happen overnight.

It takes practice, more practice and yet more practice to get a result.

(The object of practice and training is to ensure that even on a bad day, you are better than the opposition).

How long does it take?

Most Prone Rifle shooting sessions cannot be rushed. You will need time to put on the necessary jacket and sling, set up the rifle, get the sights adjusted and the barrel warmed up before starting any competition card.

Success and competence will not come overnight. There are a number of skills to be mastered and the learning process can take weeks to years.

The almost perfect result

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