Dear member,

All shooting at the club will now be recorded on our secure online shooting log system. It replaces the old paper logging system in the club. This makes recording your shooting activity much easier once our members are familiar with it. 

THERE WILL BE NO PAPER RECORDS from the 31/12/2020

This system IS NOT LINKED TO OUR WEBSITE - you will need to create a new account. 

We have created a step-by-step guide you can follow below.

To start click here: hprpc.azolve.com

From here you can create a new account by clicking on the sign up button as shown below.


Fill in your information and your account is ready to go.

Once you are logged into your account, click on the menu in the top left corner.


Then click on firearms information:


If you have your own firearms you can add them now. This will make logging your shoots quicker if you use your own firearms. 


To log a shoot with your own firearms OR the clubs firearms click on the 'Firearm Usage'.

Then click 'Add New'. 


If you are using a club gun - input the make for example: Ruger

The Calibre - for example .22

Date of your shoot - by clicking the calendar logo

Shoot location - which will be HPRPC

Activity - this will most likely be 'practice' or 'competition'

The serial number should be - HPRPC then the gun number for example 'HPRPC 04'


Finally click 'save' and you are done!

If you have any queries please contact membership@hprpc.co.uk 



Notes on the new system

The new system GO MEMBERSHIP is currently used by 700 clubs un the UK including the UKPSA and the NRA. Go Membership is a UK owned company and all the data is owned by HPRPC and will revert back to us should we choose to leave. They also support 40,000 sports clubs. https://www.azolve.com/platform/platform/data-security.aspx 

Go Membership Statement:
'We fully recognise the responsibility we have to provide a secure environment for our customers' data and understand the sensitivity of the personal information held. We have achieved the ISO 27001 Information Security Standard certification globally, and our robust and secure infrastructure aims to offer the highest level of data security, performance, resilience, disaster recovery and cyber-attack prevention.'