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HPRPC takes members and probationers to shoot fullbore at the world-renowned Bisley shooting ranges which HPRPC has access to through being an affiliated NRA member. 

Each month HPRPC takes up to 24 shooters to use electronic targets at distances of between 200yds and 1,000yds.  Shooting is done from either the prone position or seated at a bench.


Shooters can bring their own rifles, but HPRPC has a selection of Savage, Howa, Remington, and Parker Hale rifles in .308/7.62 and .223/5.56 with telescopic sights or open peephole target sights that can be used, together with ammunition for purchase.


We cater for shooters who just wish to enjoy a relaxing afternoon out or those who wish to learn the art of long-range target shooting through coaching across trigger control and follow through, position, sight picture, breathing, wind reading and plotting.

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