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Imagine a warm summer afternoon, heat haze shimmering as you look on your target paper 1km away. 


You have already set your sight elevation to allow for bullet drop from it slowing down and from temperature and humidity levels. 


You are now totally focussed on assessing the wind as you adjust your sights to match what you think the impact of the wind will be on the flight path of your round the instant pull your trigger and release your round at 3,000 fps.


Now comes the nail biting few moments of anticipation as you wait for your score to be shown.


At shorter distances its simply immensely enjoyable to experience the power and noise, but it can become a real technical discipline at longer distances. 


We cater for both types of shooting and can support you to either just enjoy an afternoon out or to hone your skills through coaching. You can shoot from either the prone position or seated at a bench.


Monthly shoots across short range (100-300 yds), and longer range out to 1,200yds are arranged at the world renowned Bisley shooting ranges which HPRPC has access to through being an affiliated member. 


Members can bring their own rifles, but HPRPC have .308/7.62 and .223/5.56 rifles with either scope or open peep hole target sights that can be used, together with ammo for purchase.


Fullbore is a very sociable discipline with a typical shoot involving 8 people meeting for lunch before hand, 4 hours shooting (you can’t rush these things) with then a replay of that ‘v bull’ shot afterwards in a relaxing debrief.

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