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Clay Pigeon is one of two shotgun disciplines that is shot at HPRPC.

Clay pigeon shooting can trace its history to around the 1860's when glass balls filled with feathers were fired into to the air to simulate game shooting, it wasn't till around the early 1900's that the target was changed to a clay target which is similar to the target that is still used today although the material used has changed over the years.

Clay pigeon shooting is a fast paced shooting sport with clays being thrown out of the trap at a speed of around 60mph, the targets vary in size from Midi 60mm to the Standard size target which is 110mm.

Clay pigeon can be shot with any type of shotgun side by side, semi automatic, pump action, but most modern sport shooters prefer the over and under shotgun.

The club puts on one clay shoot a month this can be found on the club calendar or by joining the WhatsApp group (see Gareth Clarke for details). We currently have two traps that are in use, these are a low flying bird and also a rabbit trap, the club has shotguns in a variety of calibres that are available to hire, so all are welcome to come and try including probationers and also non shotgun certificate holders, if you have your own shotgun you are also welcome to bring it round to the back fifty range and take part. The shoots all form part of a competition that runs throughout the year.

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