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Please be aware that the noise, flashes and strong smells generated during the use of firearms can upset certain individuals. Please bear this in mind before booking for yourself, or members of your party.

We have been requested to gather the information in the registration, as part of the pre-registration process for each Guest Morning (please view our Privacy Policy).


You will not be able to participate without completing the online form and paying non-refundable registration fee of £20. 

Please note there is a payment link in the registration form (you will be charged in pounds not dollars). When you submit the form you will receive an email confirming registration (please check your spam folder).


Once all pre-registrations details have been reviewed by the police, if you do not receive any communication from us, you are cleared to attend.


If you are unable to attend on the scheduled day for any reason, you will need to pre-register again for the next available date.

To register for the next available Guest Morning:
Sunday 4 August 2024

Please click link below...

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