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Visitors are welcome at the club when the club is open but can only shoot on a ‘Guest Morning’. To attend a ‘Guest Morning’ you have to fill in our Pre-registration Form. Please note, you will not be allowed to shoot if you have not pre-registered.

You may visit up to four times on ‘Guest Mornings’, after that you will need to join. If you wish to join and enjoy shooting, the next step is to come to the next available ‘Guest Morning’ and speak to a member of the committee about joining as a probationer. There is an informal interview with a member(s) of the Committee.


The interview is mainly to ensure that you are aware of club rules (they will not know about club rules if they have just attended a Guest Day, and the rules will be different when they become a probationer) and you are able to ask any questions. We will also need to take some personal details. As part of the process we will ask you to fill in a short form to give us some basic information about yourself. This is sent off to our vetting agents/police. The time it takes for this to be completed depends on the workload of the agencies concerned, they do not charge for their help. This process is important and cannot be fast tracked. In fact, it can take up to three months, but is often quicker than this.

Please also note that on Guest Morning, people are not able to bring and/or sight their own rifles, nor are non-members with FACs able to shoot their own firearms on the ranges. It is recommended to wear suitable clothing and footwear.

Joining a shooting club is subject to some safeguards by law. Considering the potential dangers this is not surprising. We apply rigorous checks before we are able to let people near firearms. We also need to comply with the firearms act of 1968. Please note that only the club is able to contact the vetting agencies. Once the vetting is complete, we will send you a probationary membership form to your home address. Again, this is a legal requirement. Please complete the membership form and bring it back personally to the Club (DO NOT POST IT!) with the probationary fee, one passport photograph, and photographic identity (driving licence or passport). The membership secretary will check the form, fill out an attendance card, issue you with a probationary ID card and you will have a probationary period of six months. You will be required to wear your ID card at all times at the club.

During your probation the hire of guns and bows is £2. At the beginning, you will always be accompanied/supervised by an experienced member when you shoot. You will need to be supervised for approximately 6-8 visits, or longer if there are issues with accuracy or safety, before you can be ‘signed-off to shoot a particular firearm on your own. observed for safety and reasonable accuracy. This has to be done for each firearm you wish to be ‘signed off’ for – that is to shoot unsupervised. If you are deemed ‘not ready’ you will continue under supervision until you are. Your supervisor will instruct you in range safety, protocols, and will teach you how to shoot. Your supervisor will be responsible for your behaviour and safety, and will look after the gun or bow and be responsible for transporting it between the office and the range. You may carry your targets but your supervisor will have to carry your firearm and ammunition until you are signed off.

You will need to attend and shoot at least 20 times during the six month probationary period, but you may come more often, and in fact you are welcome to attend whenever the club is open. Make sure your probationary attendance card is signed by the Duty Officer and you sign the probationers registration book as well as your shooting log (by the duty office) at each shooting visit (proof of attendance will be checked by the Committee when you apply for full membership). If you are having difficulty attending because of work or personal commitments then please see the Hon. Secretary (ask at the office) who will try to advise you.

After the six months and minimum of 20 visits are complete, you can apply to the Committee to become a full member. The membership fee will be pro rata for the year, so someone who becomes a full member in August will pay 5/12ths of the full years membership for the remainder of the calendar year.

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