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As an HPRPC member or probationer, you can shoot fullbore rifles on HPRPC run club shoots held at the NRA Bisley shooting ranges.  We have a great choice of club rifles you can use; .308/.223 rifles with Vortex Viper PST Gen II scopes and a .308 aperture sight rifle.

The Q&A attached (click pdf for details) should answer everyone's questions, but if you want a chat please drop me an email.   

2024 Shooting Calendar

Update March 30 - HPRPC shooting dates are confirmed for June-September below.  June 300yds PM previously set up has been converted to a 600yds shoot responding to demand, so all spaces on the 600yds are available. 

Please drop a note of dates/distance (June PM, August, or September) you would like to shoot (please read the Q&A beforehand please).  At the end of April, shooting slots for June PM, August and September shoots will be allocated so please make contact before then.

Whilst dates for Oct-December shoots have been finalised with the NRA, these will not be released till the summer.

2024 shooting calendar.png

Classroom Training Q1 2024 

We are holding a fullbore classroom training course for those who want to learn more about long-range target shooting in January/February 2024. This course is also an essential part of obtaining a fullbore ‘signoff’ which is a Shooter Certification Card (SCC) allowing you to shoot fullbore unsupervised. If there is enough demand, we will re-run a further course in Q4 2024. (click pdf for details)


Monthly Competition 

Each time we shoot 600yd or 900/1000yds, we are holding a competition of 2 convertible sighters, with 10 shots to count. So gives score of 50 but with 0.1 additional score added for each V bull - so max possible of 51 (don't worry, we'll explain mechanics and scoring).


We will take aggregate of best 2 scores in 3 categories of:

  • Individual (Open sights)

  • Individual (Scoped - own rifle)

  • Individual (Scoped - HPRPC rifle)

Additionally there will be 'Most improved shooter' which will be awarded by votes from the 4 Fullbore range supervisors….get those beers in!

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