Target Shotgun also known as Practical Shotgun is a dynamic sport using either section 2 shotguns limited to three shot capacity or section 1 shotguns (available on a firearms licence only) with high capacity magazines. Shotguns can be either pump action (manual) or semi automatic
with tube fed magazines or detachable box magazines.

Targets can be steel knock down plates, paper, clay pigeons and can be static or moving. Courses of fire can be quite challenging requiring the shooter to move through a set course engaging targets and reloading in the fastest time possible. The course may involve shooting around over or through preset obstacles as well as from different shooting positions.

The club usually holds one Target Shotgun competition each month with dates showing on the club calendar and a vibrant WhatsApp group updating shooters with tips on equipment, coaching and information on other competitions.

If you have a section 1 or 2 shotgun you are welcome to come and see what we do and have a go, cartridges are available to buy on shoot days and all shooters are closely supervised by experienced Range Officers.