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The AGM will be held on Sunday 21st February 2021 at 3pm. Due to the current pandemic this will be held by video conference/telephone dial in. This is all new to the Club too, so we are learning as we go.


Registration has now closed, thanks to all those who have registered. A few days prior to the AGM, we will e-mail your link and your unique passcode (where applicable).


Please start joining the AGM from 15-10 minutes in advance as you will be checked off against the pre-registration list as you join to ensure everyone in attendance is in good standing and permitted to vote on club matters.


Using a video platform:

If possible please ensure your name is displayed in the following format: First name, surname, Club membership number For example: John Doe (1234)


If you are not able to display your name in this format, please ensure you check the chat function, as you will be asked for your membership number in the chat function, which can be found below the video screens marked “Chat”. Whilst you can join the meeting just using your browser, most platforms encourage you to download their applet for the best experience and we encourage members to do the same, which only takes a minute or two. Once in the meeting, please keep your video on, so we can see it is you, but keep your microphone off (on mute) unless invited to speak by the Chair.



We have requested that questions be submitted in advance if possible. We appreciate some questions may only occur in response to content presented at the meeting and we will try to accommodate such questions, we have not tested the software functionality with a big group, so do not know quite how it will function.

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